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The Invisible Man

I The strange Man’s Arrival
II Mr. Teddy Henfrey’s first Impressions
III The thousand and one Bottles
IV Mr. Cuss interviews the Stranger
V The Burglary at the Vicarage
VI The Furniture that went mad
VII The Unveiling of the Stranger
VIII In Transit
IX Mr. Thomas Marvel
X Mr. Marvel’s Visit to Iping
XI In the “Coach and Horses”
XII The invisible Man loses his Temper
XIII Mr. Marvel discusses his Resignation
XIV At Port Stowe
XV The Man who was running
XVI In the “Jolly Cricketers”
XVII Dr. Kemp’s Visitor
XVIII The invisible Man sleeps
XIX Certain first Principles
XX At the House in Great Portland Street
XXI In Oxford Street
XXII In the Emporium
XXIII In Drury Lane
XXIV The Plan that failed
XXV The Hunting of the invisible Man
XXVI The Wicksteed Murder
XXVII The Siege of Kemp’s House
XXVIII The Hunter hunted
The Epilogue

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